Managed backup

We only use server grade hardware all located in the Bluesquare Datacentres.

We use CDP technology to provide you with Continuous Data Protection, including hundreds of individual recovery points per day with backups scheduled as frequently as every 5 minutes (withi minimal drain on your bandwidth and processor capacity).

All backups are encrypted while being processed, so your data is safe.

It can even be integrated with cPanel to offer to shared hosting customers.

We can provide custom backup solutions to suit your exact needs. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Data Republic’s Backup System offers:

  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Differential and incremental Backups
  • Efficiently archive data for long-term Disk-based Storage
  • IDE, SCSI, SATA Hard disks
  • Near-Continuous Online Backups for MySQL servers
  • Database and Table level recovery
  • Only changed disk sectors are read during each synchronization
  • End-to-end Strong Encryption
  • Over 100 recovery points per Day
  • Point-in-time snapshots
  • Restore specific files/folders
  • Point-In-Time Snapshots for MyISAM and InnoDB
  • Restore tables or databases to alternate locations
  • Store over 50 MySQL recovery points per-day
  • Bare-Metal Restore for Servers